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4 EMME Service S.p.A., with the publication of this volume, wishes to disseminate and provide designers, manufacturers and all those working in the construction sector with information concerning survey techniques using advanced design equipment.

The company, founded in 1980, began its activity by developing special pieces of equipment that led to a renewal and improvement of the capabilities of on-site testing.

Below are the most important innovations:

  • GS Tester – equipment for carrying out load tests using remote controlled hydraulic jacks and for detecting deformations using electronic sensors;
  • Method of Tangents (inclinometric) – through a series of slope sensors placed on the bridge, this method allows the measurement of arrows by visualising deformation in real time;
  • Speedymet – construction equipment capable of calculating the compressive resistance of concrete at 28 days, just a few hours after casting;
  • Manual for the assessment of the state of degradation of bridges – through dedicated software, the manual enables the management of all operations for the maintenance control of bridges.

In addition to these, many other techniques are illustrated and described, including monitoring, vibration control, measurement of the forces exerted on the users of amusement rides, etc…

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