With more than 35 years of experience and in excess of 100 qualified technicians specialising in all the scientific disciplines, 4 EMME Service S.p.A., the industry leader, offers professionals, businesses and public administrators the benefit of its enormous wealth of experience. Through the many operational centres spread throughout the country, it carries out a service of on-site tests in the building sector, and in particular load tests on buildings or bridges, using equipment of their own design that allow the simulation of operating loads.

The company boasts experience in a wide variety of sectors: structural monitoring (buildings and bridges), vibration monitoring, analysis of materials (concrete, masonry, steel), welding inspection, pile load tests (static and dynamic), thermographic inspections, ground-penetrating radar and laser scanner.

4 EMME Service S.p.A. has been studying and developing the Bridge Method, Italy’s most widely-used automated bridge management system, since 1996. The Bridge Method was developed thanks to the collaboration of several Italian universities and administrations and is based on the Manuale per la Valutazione dello Stato dei Ponti (Bridge Inspection Handbook). Its strength lies in the fact that it provides the Managing Body with an appropriate Systematic Surveillance and Maintenance Plan that is flexible enough to meet all technical and economic requirements.

The platform has been live (on Google maps) since 2017, enabling operators to verify the viability of abnormal loads and administrators to have a national overview, checking the safety in transit simply be entering the weight characteristics of the vehicles.

4 EMME Service S.p.A. boasts Laboratories authorised by the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport to undertake and certify tests on construction materials, earth and rocks. The Laboratories perform key tests on construction materials (cement composites, hydraulic binders, bricks and steel), including the acceptance checks stipulated by the Technical Regulations and the main physical and mechanical tests on earth and rocks. Tests on bituminous conglomerates are also carried out in Bolzano.

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