Training credits

In recent years, the need to adapt and update one’s own knowledge has become increasingly urgent That is why the CIAS (Centro Internazionale di Aggiornamento Sperimentale-Scientifico [International Experimental-Scientific Update/Refresher Centre]), a non-profit organisation that implements scientific dissemination and trial development initiatives in the structural and geotechnical fields of civil engineering, was founded. The organisation has attracted the immediate endorsement of several prominent figures from academic and industrial circles.

The institutional aims of the CIAS are:

To organise professional updating training credits for technicians working both in the private and public sectors. These courses, based on theoretical-practical lessons, are taught by university professors, both Italian and foreign, as well as by professionals of proven experience; To organise conferences, seminars and cycles of conferences, both in Italy and abroad, on topics related to experimentation; To promote experimental research activities through scholarships for undergraduates or the financing of research activities; To promote various forms of international cooperation in the field of experimentation.