Tests and surveys

Georadar investigations


With these surveys, we intend to analyse the soil layer below the road structure of the North and South ramps of the bridge in order to assess the presence of any voids in or discontinuities in the underlying hydraulic infrastructure.


Inspection with GPR technology aimed at evaluating the foundations of the flooring, highlighting the possible presence of supporting structures and/or voids and cavities.


Geo-radar survey in the area occupied by the CNR of Bologna to identify underground tanks.


Georadar survey on portion of masonry of historic building with the purpose of identifying any voids and internal cavities.


Diagnostic surveys for the assessment of the presence of underground services and geotechnical characteristics of the earth within a private property in the municipality of Bologna.


Georadar survey on the flooring of the Baptistery of Florence.


These surveys were intended to analyse the soil layer beneath the paving in order to assess the best positioning for a construction crane.